Gitter is integrated with numerous services via webhooks. When you add an integration to a chat room, you will see events from that integration appear in the right menu.

Our integrations include:

  • GitHub (obviously)
  • Jenkins
  • Travis
  • Trello
  • Sprintly
  • BitBucket
  • CircleCi
  • GitLab
  • Heroku
  • Huboard
  • Logentries
  • Pagerduty
  • Sentry

It is also possible to create and send us an integration via pull request or it's possible to create custom webhooks. To create a custom webhook, follow the instructions below, choose "Custom" and follow the included instructions.

To add requests, you need to have admin permission in the chat room. This permission is inherited from the GitHub org or repo.

Click on the settings icon at the top of the page and choose Integrations and follow the instructions.

When you add integrations, activity will appear in the right hand side of the Gitter application as per the screenshot below.


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    Josmar Dias

    This article is kind of obvious. What will change in the chat room after integrating? Can you configure what will shows up on the room? Will new issues pop up at room? Or it's just a left/right bar with news from the repo?
    Can I just integrate and see how things work, or it's irreversible?

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    Gitter Support

    Hi Josmar,

    Good point, will add some more information to the article on what the effects are.

    When you add integrations, the activity feed under the people in the right bar will start to get populated with events from the integration feed. Once you've added one and started receiving integrations, they are permanent. If you delete the integration the feed will just stop coming in, but the existing activity items won't get removed, which is a good improvement we can make for the future.


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    Josmar Dias

    Excellent answer, Mike! Thanks, it's so much clear now.
    Hope this answer gets into the article soon.


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    Gitter Support

    We've updated the documentation to reflect some new integrations as well as how they behave.

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    Hello! How to send messages right in the room?

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