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Gitter Next is where we put our up-coming release branch up for preview. Most of the time it's small changes or even under-the-hood changes you don't see.

Sometimes we put pretty large changes up there too and love to hear your feedback.

Sometimes it blows up, but not very often.

You can enable Gitter next in a variety of ways.

Desktop Browser

In your desktop browser, visit and move the giant switchy thing over to next. Then refresh. You will notice a little green pill at the top of your screen that says "NEXT". You are now on Next. 

There's also a bookmarklet at the bottom of the Next page and you can add this to your browser things to toggle this pretty easily.

Mac app

1. From the Gitter menu, make sure "Enable Developer Tools" is enabled. 

2. CMD+Click in the application and choose "Inspect Element"

3. Paste the following code into the Inspector window and press Enter

document.cookie = 'gitter_staging=staged' + ';path=/;expires=' + new Date( + 31536000000).toUTCString(); location.reload();

Linux and Windows app

There's a convenient little toggle on the Gitter menu of your application to turn Next on or off.

We currently don't publish what's different on Next, but we encourage you to look out for any changes and, as ever, pop in to gitterHQ/gitter to discuss.


Looking for more, perhaps you want to try some feature toggles?

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